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Can I roof over the top of my existing roof? 


It is not recommended to roof over your existing roof. In some cases, homeowners make prefer this route because it is cheaper, but it can prove to be less cost effective over time. If you have two layers of shingles on your home, how do you find the source of the leak? If it’s not in an obvious location such as a valley or vent boot penetration, it can be very tough to find. Water could leak through the first layer, and then find its way to the roof sheathing further down the slope. This is what makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact source on multiple layers of shingles.


There’s also the fact that the roof is going to absorb more heat. This can lead to higher energy bills to control cooling during the warm months of the year.


The maximum amount of shingle layers is two layers. Even at two layers, this is a considerable amount of weight, and again this leads to higher energy bills to control heating/cooling.

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