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How Does the Homeowner's Insurance Process Work for a Storm Damaged Roof?


Roof Inspections / Insurance Approval:

  1. Customer calls roofing contractor to inspect for wind or hail damage.
  2. Contractor either finds damage or does not find damage.
  3. In the event damage is found, contractor may recommend homeowner to contact insurance company.
  4. Insurance adjuster comes out for inspection. At this point you want your roofing contractor present to discuss their findings.
  5. Those adjusters that work directly for the insurance companies have the ability to make decision on spot. Independent adjusters (subcontractors), cannot make the decision on the spot.

If the roof is approved:

  1. Insurance company will mail/email homeowner claim information.
  2. First check will be issued prior to work being completed.
  3. Homeowner will select contractor and complete work.
  4. Once work is completed, certificate of completion/final invoice signed by homeowner and contractor is sent to insurance company.
  5. Insurance company releases second check, which pays the remaining amount on the final invoice, which the first check did not cover.
  6. Homeowner deposits checks from insurance company into personal account, then pays contractor amount on certificate of completion/final invoice.
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