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Tips for Dealing With Roofing Contractors


Always do some background research on the contractor you wish to use. Are they locally owned? Do they carry proper licensing as a company. It's important that they offer workman's compensation insurance and general liability in order to cover their company and the property owner in the event of an accident.


Never sign a paper from a roofer promising a free roof, this is a tactic used by many out of state "stormchasers".

Get multiple estimates. Don't always accept the first unless it's someone you've used in the past and trust.

Never pay money upfront. If a company needs money upfront, then they may not be in a good standing financially. They can also accept your money and never step foot on the roof, which is one of the worst cases of companies giving the roofing industry a bad name. The majority of roofing contractors have accounts set up with their materials dealer, so they are able to cover materials, then pay their labor once the job is complete.


Here's a news article link about a roofing contractor that came in from out of town "storm-chasing" hail damage insurance jobs.  The company took the money up front without ever placing the first shingle, leaving many homeowners across North and South Carolina without the roof for which their insurance companies paid for. Click this link to read the story at

Be weary about door-to-door tactics, there are many storm chasers that will enter the area when a storm hits. They can come from neighboring states, and if used, when problems arise, getting them back out can be a hassle.

Do a little reading up on roofing, and ask the contractor questions when he comes out. Test his knowledge base.

There are good, reputable roofing companies out there, just do your homework!

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