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What is the typical roof replacement process /  What are the roof replacement steps?



  1. Conduct roof measurement
  2. Prepare estimate
  3. Sign contract
  4. Schedule material delivery

Roof removal

  1. Set out tarps to protect house and landscaping
  2. Remove any yard ornaments, grills, potted plants, etc. away from the home
  3. Set toe boards and take necessary safety precautions for roof traffic
  4. Tear-off roof starting at ridges
  5. Begin clean up of debris on tarp

Roof Installation (some of these items may happen simultaneously)

  1. Replace any rotted, leaky sheets of plywood
  2. Install ice and water shield in valleys, eaves, roofing vents, and vulnerable areas
  3. Install roofing felt
  4. Chalk lines for keeping shingle rows straight, in addition to chalking lines for starter strip to ensure proper overhang
  5. Begin carrying up bundles of shingles
  6. Install vent boots
  7. Install starter strip 
  8. Install shingles
  9. Install any step and/or counter flashing
  10. Install any ridge vent
  11. Install ridge capping

Debris Clean-up / Job completion

  1. All throughout replacement, debris cleanup will occur
  2. Throw all shingles, felt, and nails in dumpster, dump trailer etc
  3. Bag all plastic, paper, or plastic bottles or aluminum cans
  4. Roll roofing magnets all throughout yard to pick up all nails
  5. Carefully examine property for any left-over debris
  6. Load up any remaining materials
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