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How long does a roof replacement take?


Every roof replacement is different based on a number of factors.


How many people are on the roofing crew?

How big or small is the roof?

How steep?

How many roof penetrations?

How much flashing is required for end walls, chimneys, dormers, etc.?

How many valleys does the roof have?

Will ridge vent need to be cut in?

What type of access is there around the property?


These are all factors that can have a direct impact on the installation time.  The best case scenario is that a roof is removed and replaced in one day.  This eliminates the risk of harsh weather overnight.  Some jobs may take multiple days. In these cases, contractors prefer to work small sections of the roof, rather than tearing off the whole roof and leaving areas exposed over night.  In the event that bad weather unexpectedly makes it's way into the area, contractors should be prepared to quickly cover the exposed areas with tarps to prevent water infiltration.  


As a company we prefer to assign our roofing crews to jobs based on the size of the roof.  Our preference is to perform our replacements in one day.

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