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Why are my pipe penetrations leaking? / Why are my vent boots leaking?


Overtime, the rubber seals on vent boots (also known as pipe jacks) begin to degrade and crack.  The first vent boot below shows the early stages of cracking.  Once the seal is broken, small amounts of water can make it's way down the penetration opening.  Obviously, the larger the cracks, the more water that is able to get inside.  The second photo below shows a cracked vent boot that was sealed at the top, but the boot cracked below the seal.  Again, this crack lets water get in.  It is recommended to inspect vent boots once a year to ensure that there are no cracks or leaks occuring at these penetrations.  Overtime, the water and moisture can rot the plywood around the opening.  This water and moisture can also lower the R-rating of the insulation as well. If enough insulation is affected by moisture, this can lead to higher heating and cooling bills.






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