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In the event that a hail storm passed through your area, there is a chance that you're roof may have been damaged.  In many cases, roofs may not appear to be damaged from the ground level, but with a proper evaluation, damage can be pinpointed and documented.  It is important to consider having your roof evaluated if your area has experienced recent hail storm damage.  Many homeowners assume that their roof is fine without having an evaluation, which can lead to larger problems down the road.  With proper documentation and evidence of a hail damaged roof, your insurance will likely cover roof repairs and replacements.  


If you would like an evaluation, don't hesitate to contact us.  We will come out and inspect your roof for any damage and document all findings in your roofing profile, which includes all roof dimensions and associated roof costs. Therefore, in the event that your roof has or has not suffered damage, we will have your roof profile on record so that when the time does come for a replacement, we're already one step ahead.

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