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Be Prepared for When the Time Comes for a Roof Replacement


Roof replacements are among the most important investments when it comes to property maintenance.  Ignoring the need for a new roof can lead to significant increases in project costs, when the associated small problems have had time to develop into larger problems.  As a company, we provide free evaluations to property owners, by setting up their own individual roofing profiles. 


Our free evaluation will provide you with the replacement costs based on your preferences, also giving you an indication of the roof's remaining service life.  Our lean measuring and estimating procedures help create highly competitive project estimates, which can give you an idea of project costs possibly months or years prior to the replacement needing to be made.  We've found this helps many homeowners and property owners save accordingly based on their varying situations.


Set Up Your Roofing Profile


Your roofing profile contains detailed measurements, drawings, photos, roofing type, and commentary so that when the time does come for a replacement, we're already in a position to order your materials and get your replacement scheduled promptly. 


Our free evaluation process gives you:

  • Replacement timeline based on the existing condition of your roof.
  • Highly competitive cost estimates associated with the replacement .
  • Easier experience when the time comes to get project underway.

Why the Need for a Roof Replacement?


As roofs experience weathering over their lives, most problems may arise due to:

  • Faulty Original Installation Workmanship
  • Improper Roof Maintenance:
  • Surrounding Trees and Falling Matter
  • Recent Storms including Heavy Winds or Hail Damage
  • Roof Reaching Maximum Service Life (Based on Material and Exposure Conditions)
  • Roof Slope

Our coverage areas include the greater Charlotte area and surrounding locations:


It's important to get small roof problems addressed early, rather than holding out on them.  If you have a need for a replacement or would like to set up your roofing profile, contact us for a free evaluation.

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