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Roofing Costs:


There is no simple calculator for determining the costs associated with roofing, but there are factors that determine the costs, dependent on the roof layout and property owner's interests.  It is difficult to give a proper quote without measuring the roof and taking many factors into account.


Those factors include:


Total Squares of Roof (Area of 1 square = 100 square feet)

Type of Project (New roof, Replacement, Tear-offs)

Building Height

Accessibilty (Can materials be delivered to front and back sides of property, or will they need to be manually carried?)

Material Type and Duration (The higher the duration, material costs are driven higher)

Pitch of the Roof (Higher the pitch, the more steep it is, which means more safety precautions during installation)

Amount of Ridge Vent

Amount Ridge Capping

Amount of Roof Penetrations

Valley lengths (More associated with metal roofing or specifiations for metal on shingle roofs)


If you are interested in getting a quote for an upcoming project, whether it's a new installation or replacement, don't hesitate to contact us. We will come out and perform an inspection of the property and develop your custom roofing profile, including photos, commentary, and pricing for your project. Thank you for considering The M1 Roofing Group for roofing needs.

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